When can I purchase Gargi& The Guardians™ and the Monster Busters™

We are developing our Kickstarter campaign right now and would love to alert you when we’re ready to launch. If you’re interested, please click here to join our alert system.

Why a whistle and why remote control?

First, because it’s maybe the coolest thing, ever! Oh, and because our aim is to empower children who have fear or anxiety and we utilize the whistle as a feedback mechanism, activated by their blowing action.

This is the preferred embodiment, as the user will have a full control over the smart toy, which is only activated on demand; either when the child blows through the controlling whistle or through voice activation. Both methods provide a feedback mechanism that will provide a sense of control and fulfillment that is promoted through the reception of visual or auditory feedback upon the intentional activation of the smart toy system.

Why two names; Gargi& The Guardians™ and the Monster Busters™?

Gargi& The Guardians™ is the name of our main character and his guardian friends. The Monster Busters™ are the tools being used to combat fear of the dark and are featured in this one adventure. One of many…to come!