Welcome to the world of Gargi & The Guardians™, a children’s empowerment product designed to help make kids more confident and courageous, while also inspiring sweet dreams. Gargi & The Guardians™ has already won rave reviews from the likes of actor John Schneider from The Dukes of Hazard, the Oxygen Magazine editor-in-chief and Today’s Parent executive editor, Kerrie Lee Brown, and Prevention and Good Housekeeping magazine regular, Bari Nan Cohen. Notorious for stalking the closets of generations of sleepy children, monsters are a terrifying constant in just about every child’s imagination.

This is why the adventures of young Jack and Gargi, our monster-busting heroes, are so important. Gargi & The Guardians™was designed to become a multi-book series designed to empower children in every aspect of their lives.  The first book in our series, entitled, Monster Busters, is a beautifully illustrated story book featuring the enchanting tale about a boy whose fears get the best of him. The child empowerment system includesour hero guardian plush doll, whose belly contains the powerful Light Up The Night™ technology, powered by the world’s very first remote-control nightlight on demand and activated by the magical “Belly Buttons” remote-control.

The story and plush doll were developed to empower children, by effectively teachingthem about how we have more control over our fears and perceptions then we think. The Monster Busters™ story and the Light Up The Night™ plush doll brings your children a strong sense of calm and serenity, helping themconquer nighttime fears, so they will quickly and consistently fall asleep and receive their much needed rest.


The Monster Busters

Gargi & The Guardians Book

Jack’s monsters steal him from his room and trap him in a surreal world of darkness and fear. Scared and alone, Jack is about to give up all hope, when a tug on his shirt changes everything. A little green guy, with a very special power, rescues Jack and encourages him to face his fears. His name is Gargi, and at Jack’s command, his belly glows so bright that monsters flee in terror. Together, they become MONSTER BUSTERS™ who grow in confidence with each vanquished foe, as they search for a way back home.


The“Belly Buttons”remote-control works when a frightened child pushed the “A” or “B”remote-panel buttons. Button “A” commands a soothing steady light source, while button “B”commands a comforting gradual fade-in/fade out light source. The secret signal magically illuminates the tummy of Gargi using the Light Up The Night® technology. Gargi becomes a nightlight on demand! The nightlight stays on for two full minutes in either setting providing comfort, safety, and a sense of power to a frightened child.

The Nighttime Guardians

The Nighttime Guardians feature five unique plush characters, each with a very illuminating personality. Your children will naturally gravitate to one or all of the characters.


Gump is the big and strong lovable guy. He’s a protector and loves to go out on adventures.


Galaxy is the cute and nerdy one – she loves to daydream.


Gargi is the leader of the pack. He is cute yet courageous and he is one of the featured stars of the Gargi& The Guardians™ tale.


Bungle is the adorable goof ball of the gang. He’s a bit clumsy, but he makes everyone laugh.


Glitz is the pretty and sassy one. Sure, she likes to look good, but she loves her family and is fiercely loyal to her friends.

Introducing Light Up The Night® Technology

Any time a child feels afraid during the night, they simply push the magic “Belly Buttons”and the Guardian’s belly magically becomes bright and Lights Up The Night™. Children instantly become calm, as they realize that there is nothing to fear.

Dark hallways can often be scary when everyone else is asleep. Gargi and his plush guardian friends become your kid’s personal escort to and from the bathroom. No more waking up siblings and no more screaming for mom and dad. Children feel comforted, safe and empowered, while everyone continues to sleep soundly.


In the tradition of THE ELF ON THE SHELF, this is not just a book, but a complete scary-night-banishment set. Along with a beautifully illustrated story, children will receive the special MONSTER BUSTERS whistle and an adorable stuffed Guardian plush doll. The best part? When the child blows the whistle, or calls out Gargi’s name, a secret signal magically illuminates the tummy of Gargi using the innovative Light Up The Night® technology. Gargi becomes a nightlight on demand! The nightlight stays on for one full minute, offering comfort, safety, and a sense of power to a frightened child.


When can I purchase Gargi & The Guardians™ and the Monster Busters™?

We are developing our Kickstarter campaign right now and will be launching on June 12th, 2018! We would love to alert you when we’re ready to launch. If you’re interested, please click here to join our alert system.

Why a Remote-Control?

First, because it’s maybe the coolest thing, ever! Oh, and because our aim is to empower children who may be suffering from fear or anxiety and we utilize the “Belly Buttons” remote-control as a feedback mechanism, activated by their own actions.

This is the preferred embodiment, as the user will have full control over the smart toy, which is only activated on demand. The ultimately provides children with a sense of control and empowerment.

Why two names; Gargi& The Guardians™ and the Monster Busters™?

Gargi& The Guardians™ is the name of our book series franchise and the Monster Busters™ is our first book in the series, with a strong message to help children conquer nighttime fears, so they can sleep soundly.